GeoMD understands that distressed developments require an experienced team that listens, communicates and partners with clients to articulate concerns, study important issues, and best plan for the future. The GeoMD team is tailored to fit the project issues and may consist of engineers, designers, construction trade specialists, real-estate consultants, construction managers, property managers, operators, contractors and other project-specific specialists, as needed. An asset preservation plan will be developed that considers a) the assets’ function, structural integrity and value, b) severity of the problem, risk and impact, c) available physical and financial resources and d) immediate action items for asset preservation. Depending on results, action items may be as simple as monitoring and maintenance, or more advanced engineering, repair or construction alternatives. The plan is a living file with a baseline analysis of pre- and post-development. Like a manual for a new piece of equipment, the asset preservation plan is an important document that accompanies the property asset for years to come. The study plan, maintenance, and construction solutions are updated based on performance over time.


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