GeoMD tailors a team of engineering, design and construction trade specialists. The GeoMD team is complimented with a full spectrum of specialty geotechnical engineering expertise.

Distressed property investigations of damage, deterioration, or collapse of a structure or its foundations; evaluation of possible causes of settlements and/or heave or other forms of ground deformations, such as expansive soils, collapsible soils, or corrosive or erodible soils, sinkholes, creep potential, moisture intrusion or drying; and damage induced by earthquakes and other natural causes.

  • Distress Property Evaluation
  • Detailed inspection and photographic documentation of distress
  • Site Investigations and Foundation Studies
  • Geotechnical Instrumentation Installation and Monitoring
  • Geotechnical Exploration Drilling, Soil Sampling, Rock Coring and Logging
  • Field Testing, In-Situ Testing, Special Studies
  • Landslide, Mudslide Assessments and Mitigation
  • Property/site evaluations
  • Understanding Unusual and Difficult Soil Behavior
  • Building floors level (“manometer”) survey
  • Baseline and periodic monitoring of distress
  • As-built plans and site data records research
  • Assessment of potential causes or geotechnical conditions possibly affecting distressed property
  • Landslide and Slope Creep Evaluation and Remediation
  • Pipeline Installation, Trenching, Bore and Jacking, TBM, Micro-tunneling
  • Specialty Ground Modification/Improvement
  • Alternative repair concepts, where warranted


Hillside, Building, and Utility Evaluation

Chino Hills, California

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