Tunnel and Adjacent Pipeline Evaluation

Los Angeles, California

Engineering support for construction of a 10-foot-diameter 1.5-mile long tunnel for 8-foot-diameter RCP sewer. Tunnel crossing within the Alameda Transportation Corridor, Port of Los Angeles railroads, Tesoro Oil Refinery, numerous oil pipelines, and landfills. Provided engineering support during tunnel construction as part of CM team. Tasks included: a) collecting soil/rock samples from tunnel face; b) detailed logging of tunnel rib and lagging systems; c) tunnel ground settlement measurements; d) performance evaluations of existing nearby refinery infrastructure foundations and pipelines, relative to tunneling operations. Assisted in negotiations with Tunneling Contractor. Initial scope included drilling, soil sampling and logging of 50 exploratory borings and advancing Cone Penetration Test (CPT) soundings, assessment of pipeline alignment stratigraphy, material property and characterization.